The team at ThreeSixty trampoline Park has taken every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of our patrons. We endeavour to facilitate a harm-free environment, below are a series of measures enforced within our facility.

ThreeSixty Trampoline Park does not take responsibility for any injuries that occur as a consequence of using our equipment, therefore, it is recommended to all of our patrons that they read our guidelines below to ensure together we can minimize and eliminate the occurrence of mishaps.

Team ThreeSixty takes your safety very seriously. Our setup team has installed nettings and wall trampolines surrounding the trampolines. Frames are covered with foam padding to eradicate potential accidents occurring and the trampolines themselves do not have any exposed springs. The basketball, slam dunk and AirBag areas are surrounded by netting and selected Team ThreeSixty members have undergone First Aid training to assist in minor incidents which may occur. Regular inspection is conducted by Team ThreeSixty to ensure that all the equipment are secured and safe for use. Our supervisors are always present to ensure all our rules are adhered to and are always ready for a chat to discuss any concerns you may have.

Unfortunately, despite all our efforts accidents may still occur. Please read the following guidelines below to ensure your time at ThreeSixty is fun and injury-free.

  • No double flips. Double flips, though they look cool, are extremely dangerous and can be fatal. As a safety measure to all our guests we banned this technique.
  • Somersaulting can result in serious injuries. Although we allow it on our premises, please be cautious of the people around you and only attempt it, if it is within your ability.
  • Attempting stunts over one’s skill level is not recommended. Approach one of our friendly team members to understand your skill level, and in turn, learn ways to progress without putting your safety, and other patron’s safety at risk.
  • To minimize the likelihood of collision we do not allow more than one person to use a trampoline mat (No double bouncing).
  • Jumpers are advised to avoid jumping onto our safety padding and to use the center of the trampoline instead of the corners for full height potential and enjoyment.
  • Keys, belt buckles, phones, and cameras are to be removed when entering the jumping zones as objects pose a hazard to other jumpers. ThreeSixty is not responsible for any lost items brought onto our premises.
  • Exit the trampoline areas cautiously and when it is safe to do so.
  • Jumping while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is prohibited. Use of these substances can affect the jumper’s coordination, leading to loss of control and therefore increasing the risk of injury.
  • Grip socks must be worn at all times when using the ThreeSixty trampolines. It is available for $2 a pair, yours to keep for future use.
  • Our team at ThreeSixty will endeavour to facilitate a safe and fun environment for you to have an enjoyable experience. However, disregarding any of our rules, general disrespect towards our team members, other patrons, vandalising or damaging of our equipment will not be tolerated. The individual will be asked to leave.

–  Team ThreeSixty

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