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BounceBoard x ThreeSixty

Get more practice with the BounceBoard, now available for use at ThreeSixty!

Come on in and give the BounceBoard a rip, nail a few spins, grabs and flips (if you know how to!)

What is a BounceBoard?

To put it simply, a BounceBoard is a few layers of rigid foam glued together with foot straps attached to it.  Designed to mimic a skateboard/ snowboard/ wake board on a trampoline.  This allows the user/future sports pro to hone his or her aerial awareness in a safer manner.  Checkout the story behind the BounceBoard at 

Benefits of using the BounceBoard, taken from

Snowboarders: “Improve spatial awareness, flexibility and confidence. The trampoline board workout provides great muscle conditioning to prepare you for proper rotations and landings. Have fun while you get into shape. You will see the difference the next time you hit the slopes after practicing with the Classic or our new Pro trampoline-board by Bounceboard®”

Surfers & Wakeboarders: “Our trampoline-boards are built with high density EVA foam to withstand hours of jumping. Kayakers and boggie boarders in Hawaii use a similar type of foam because of its strength and durability. Bounceboard® is the number one brand in America for trampoline-boards. Go ahead. Slam it into your trampoline mat. The beveled edges won’t hurt you or the resilient surface of the trampoline.”

Like all sports, we’d like to remind users that using the BounceBoard can increase the risk of injury or even death in extreme cases. It is recommended for ages 13 and up, with a background in snow/ skate/wake boarding.

We can’t wait to see you all at ThreeSixty!

– Team ThreeSixty

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