You will be surprised to find just how relaxing jumping can be. Come visit our high performance area and let all your worries in the world go away.

We know brave hearts never get broken but bones do. So, it’s safety first. Fun definitely follows.


Who doesn’t love dodgeball? Whether it is at school or just a friendly match in the backyard, dodgeball is always fun! Combine the fun of dodgeball with ThreeSixty’s specially designed wall to wall trampolines.

Take charge of throwing the first ball and marvel in the hilarity that follows. Laugh to your heart’s content as you try to run, twist, bounce and turn to dodge the ball. Take it seriously and get competitive ! If you think you are good, grab a team of your friends and prove it. Get ready, it’s game time!


It is now time to defy the law of gravity.

We have a beginner 2m wall and a 3m wall for those willing to take the challenge.  Come on! Give it a try. All you have to do is bounce off the trampolines and walk a bit, it looks really cool and feels even better.

Still not sure how to go about it? Don’t back out, members of Team ThreeSixty will be happy to share with you how we do it. We are confident that you will be at it all day once you get the hang of it.


Want to be the next Michael Jordan or Patty Mills but just need a little bit of help getting to the ring?

How about trying your hands at our slam dunk court? Jump up higher and higher till the loop is just within your reach.

Team up with your friends, take a challenge and get competitive. Loop it, hoop it and give them a run for their money.

A great fitness activity for youngsters and alike, this is a sport that is incredibly fun.

It has a somewhat serious after effect though! Sadness may occur when you return to a non-bouncy court!


Scale new heights with our high performance trampolines. If you think you have jumped high, wait till you get to this zone.

Whoop loudly as you go soaring high and come down just as fast only to bounce up even higher again. Throw all your worries in the wind and enjoy this feeling of flying. Go higher and higher and impress your friends.

Oh, a reminder before you get ahead of yourself! You will have to pass the basic level before you are permitted to use these high performance trampolines.


Worried about your little ones falling and injuring themselves? Don’t be, as you will be there right next to them.

Jumpers who are 109cm and below in height can jump with a parent/guardian for a special mini jump rate, enquire at counter. Just a heads up, the ecstatic squeals of the kids can reach the high notes at some point!

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